One SOLUTION for your College / Univeristy

CMS or college management system is key software used by institute for managing students, administration, accounts and faculty.

Most of colleges either rely on one generic software and multiple open source modules, which makes it difficult to manage and integrate into one solution.

Our solution have all modules / features that college or univeristy need. The CMS is composed of academic, student portal, learning management system, accounts and examination. Our CMS will give your institute the power and flexibility to manage all aspects of organization from one solution very easily.

Campus at your Finger Tips

  • Admissions
  • Academic and Student
  • Student Financials

Web based application

  • Easy to access at all points
  • Custom rights to every role
  • Scale up to your demands
  • Best performance @ solid security

Analytical Reports

  • Basic standard reports
  • Robust analytics
  • Make data driven decisions

Online learning

  • Run virtual learning seamlessly
  • Built in LMS

G4 CMS is a new and complete quality solution to manager your campus, academics, administration, faculty and studyents, wether you run a small one program 100 student college or a 10,000 student multi campus univeristy with 100s of programs. Our solution will cover you. With G4 you will have the right tools to make right decision and quickly grow your institution.

The solution is developed with extensive knowledge of college management, student management and learning management systems. G4 CMS is flexible to adopt any standard process, because it is easy to use and covers all aspects of any educational institute, it becomes very easy to implement and does not cost a fortune.



  • Define roles for academic, administration and students
  • Setup academic calendars
  • Centralized policy development accross entire institution
  • Secure and controlled access to data


  • Trailored admission requirement for each academic program
  • Allow applicants to track admission status online
  • Integrate with online payment or bank chalan
  • Track applicant status as per defined check list per program
  • Support online / paper based application processing
  • Manage supporting documents with application
  • Criteria setup for evaluating applicants
  • Support external testing and interview scoring
  • Criteria based selection list
  • Multiple models selection for admission
  • Comprehensive applications analysis and admission decision making
  • Elegibility and merit based application comparison
  • Interview scheduling and integration with Email / SMS
  • Checklist for admission completion


  • Auto enrollment option makes it easy for students and administration
  • Course equivalencies and cross-listings
  • Repeat course rule
  • Student can enroll online that provide single entry point for enrollment transaction
  • Override or restrict enrollments
  • Class schedual for group students
  • Absolute or relative grading, grade roster by class, subject or session.
  • Record final grades
  • Add remarks / comments to grades to be displayed on transcripts
  • Customize grading system in transfer credit processing.
  • View student statistics on term-by-term basis
  • Track student academic standing, attributes and groups
  • Make one-time grade adjustment, record comments, and recalculate grade point averages and current enrollment
  • Track all honors and awards, record awards on all or selected transcript types
  • Track student attendance, and record interactions between student and instructors.
  • Program curriculum definition
  • Rule based graduation eligibility criteria
  • Program CGPA, Grades and earned credits stats computation
  • Graduation eligibility verification and approval
  • Degree awards
  • Transcript Generation

Student Finance

  • Calculate fee based on demographic data
  • Auto-calculate changes in student tuition from a dropped and added class
  • Multiple groups of tuition rules, enables to charge tuition and other fees to group of students based on defined criteria
  • Third party sponsor option, auto-transfer charges to credit student account
  • Create unique bills for student or third party sponsors
  • Sort bills by several different attributes, such as campus, academic level, academic program and more.
  • Route requests to approve payments and charges before they are posted.
  • Age accounts by using aging categories that you define.
  • Write off delinquent receivables to support your accounting year-end procedures.
  • Detect and report chart of accounts errors before entries are sent to the general ledger.
  • Create plans that allow prepayment of tuition.
  • Let students pay their tuition and fees in graduated parts.
  • Create plans that defer due dates for students facing financial hardship.
  • Accept charges and payments online or from any external system.
  • Delegate entry of receivables and payments. Permit only authorized users to post these transactions.
  • Defer a transaction to a future term or backdate a transaction.
  • Inquire on a student or third-party account, including current credit, debit, and collections activity.
  • Assess late fees on delinquent accounts using aging rules that you establish.

Student Portal

  • Review course enrollment
  • View class schedual
  • View award-list
  • View class attendance
  • Manage financial account
  • View bills, with drill down option
  • Online discussion board about lecture / blog for discussion
  • Download course material, PDF, PPT, word file and video url
  • Online zoom classes

See how customers are successding with G4 CMS

Mohi Ud Din Islamic University

MIU (Mohi Ud Din Islamic University)

MIU has achieved complete automation, Academic, LMS, Student Administration, Billing and Exam etc all are on g4 CMS solution.

"We implemented CMS in both our medical college and medical sciences institute; since we have implemented the solution; our data is now easy to access, it has reduced our efforts, specially in academic and examination." - VC MIU

Jinnah Teaching College

JTC (Jinnah Teaching College)

JTC has newely started CMS and has implemented Admission, Academics and LMS in its medical college.

"We are already using G4 HMIS, since its success we have now also started the CMS, it is very easy to use; alot of our senior faculty can use it; it has made the interaction with students very easy." - Principle JTC