One SOLUTION for your hospital

Most of hospitals and healthcare providers who want to automate their organization, usually contract with multiple service providers and then integrate all the modules.

Our HMIS have all the modules and features that your hospital / organization will need. Even those features that your organization is not using but may feel to implement in future. It will make your solution easy to manage and much cheaper in long run.


faster response times for patient scheduling (As per study conducted in three different healthcare providers using G4 HMIS Solution)

Health Engagement to Experience

  • Patient Engagement
  • Doctor Engagement

Patient Diagnosis to Recovery

  • Surgeries and Interventions
  • Care Delivery

Healthcare Provider Admission to Cash

  • Drug Safety and Compliance
  • Patient Administration and Billing

Healthcare Data Insights

  • Healthcare Data Warehousing
  • Health Data Analytics

G4 HMIS is a newer, complete, effective and better standard solution to run your hospital, whether you manage 10 beds or 500 beds or more. We provide you an integrated modular solution of Finance, Administration, Clinical and Patient, with G4 HMIS you will have the right tools to run your hospital systems efficiently and make the right decisions quickly to grow your hospital.

G4 HMIS is developed with deep knowledge of hospital management, its processes using modern technology. G4 HMIS is flexible so it can adapt to hospital needs. Because it is easy to implement; it minimizes the need for large investment.



  • Efficiently control costs while keeping a steady growth in revenue
  • With intelligent automatic requisition system control your drugs and supplies levels
  • Manage your patients charging contracts with flexible charging module and increase your revenue
  • Increase patient circle via close integration with insurance and corporate company panels
  • Manage consultant’s shares via provider practice setup
  • Financial reporting from General Ledger to Statement of Financial Position


  • Accurate and real-time billing
  • Contolled cash payment, discounts, bills and refunds
  • Track and monitor drugs and inventory and maintain optimal levels
  • Reduce waste and pilferage
  • Manage procurement and inventory
  • Pharmacy management system
  • Lab information system
  • Radiology and Other diagnostics modules
  • Operation theater and cath lab management system

Electronic Medical Record

  • Single, effective and comprehensive EMR system
  • Patient diagnosis and treatment in single patient chart interface
  • Drug safty: prescribe medication with approvals from consultants and pharmacist
  • See historical record of patient for effective treatment
  • Drill down to patient images, PACS and consutlant notes
  • Pre, practive and post OR / Procedure reports
  • Easy to understand and use EMR
  • Define prescription forms templates electronically to make it easy for clinicians
  • Define drug templates for consultant / diagnosis
  • View patient chart from within prescription
  • English and urdu medicine instruction
  • Custome prescription reports for each speciality / clinician
  • Barcode integration on every KPI
  • Online medical access to providers and patient
  • PACS system for radiology and cath lab
  • LIS machine integration
  • Mobile app for in-house consultants, nurses and medical officers

See how customers are successding with G4 HMIS

Maqsood Medical Complex and General Hospital

MMC (Maqsood Medical Complex and General Hospital)

MMC has achieved complete automation, Radiology, Pathology, Patient Administration, Mobile app, Pharmacy, HR and inventory etc all are on g4 hmis solution.

"Since we have implemented the HMIS we have little to worry about our medical record, financial records, inventory; and we focus on what we do the best i.e. taking care of our patients." said the chairman of MMC

Burn and Trauma Centre

BTC (Burn and Trauma Centre)

Burn and Trauma Centre Hayatabad, is a stat of the art burn centre in Peshawar. A project of USAID was developed to be a role model for other such projects. BTC has completed all the automation stages, its first public hospital to achieve 100% automation by completing financial and medical modules.